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The first thing that strikes one’s mind on hearing the word “summer” is that of vacations. As exciting as it may sound, selecting the best summer holiday destinations in the world for a perfect vacation, is a tedious task in itself. That is why we’ve done the homework for you and collated the best of top summer holiday destinations which will turn your international trip into an epic experience. From budget to luxurious places, you will find several options to choose from. We have covered it all – North, South, East & West. Each and every destination on the list is unique in its entirety, and fill you with excitement. So, if you want to spend one of the best summer vacations in the world, then let the scrolling begin!

1: Switzerland

One of the most visited country know for its hospitality and tourism's,best spot for hiking and mountain climbing, there are most visited sites in here. There are many wonders and architectural structure you want to see in there.Places To Visit In Summer Holidays Abroad

Best Places to Visit in SwitzerlandMatterhorn, 

ZermattChateau de Chillon, 

MontreuxThe Jungfrau 

RegionSwiss National Park, 

ZernezLake Geneva and surrounding cities


Most of the tourist who are interested in history and wanted to see ancient ruins like,Pero archeological, Frankish castle,valley of butterflies.Places To Visit In Summer Holidays Abroad

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Halkidiki Greece

Peloponnese Greece


agori GreeceDelphi

3: South Africa

If anybody have interested in nature greenery and animals than you should visit this country,this place will give you a sense of adventurism.Places To Visit In Summer Holidays Abroad

Best Places to Visit in South Africa






Considered to be the coastal gem of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a true manifestation of nature's beauty. With its picturesque landscape, coastal peaks, dense forests, and pastel buildings on the cliff.

Best Places to Visit in Italy





Marseille Located in the heart of Provence region, Marseille is a beautiful port city that serves as one of the best summer vacation spot in France.It is the most beautiful city near the ocean known for it's delicious food and good climate.Places To Visit In Summer Holidays Abroad

Best Places to Visit in France







6: Iceland

Iceland is where every traveler needs to be if nature and adventure is what they love. This place offers not only breathtaking views, but also refreshing experiences that are enough to enjoy a respite from the humidity and heat.Places to visit in this country Reykjavik, Selfoss, Keflavík, Skaftafell, Arnarstapi, and more.







This country is know for their exploring and hiking,there are many places that provide sense of accomplishment with best tourist facility and trips that don't forget.

Best Places to Visit in Canada





- whistler

Best Summer Holiday Destinations In The World

Greenland – More Like A Snowy Wonderland

Cappadocia – The Land Of Hot-Air Balloons

London – Gape At The Big Ben Tower

Prague – Hub Of Baroque Buildings

 Marrakech – Admire Bucolic Nature

Siem Reap – Famous For Night Markets

Playa Del Carmen – Most Beautiful Beach Town

Pokhara – Get The Views Of Stunning Mountains

Cape Town – Get Bird-Eye View From Cable Car

New Zealand – Scenic Landscapes For Nature Lovers

Salt Lake City – Laze At Golden Beaches

 Las Vegas – Try Your Luck Here

Maui – Not Less Than A Paradise

Colombo – Respite From The Scorching Heat

Barcelona – All About Games & Nightlife

Hamburg – Watch Lakes Dotted With Boats

Colorado – A Summer Paradise

Koh Samui – Party All Night On The Beach

Whistler – Traverse The Hiking Trails

Iceland – Watch Colors Blend Beautifully

Marseille – Explore The Rich Culture Heritage

Kerala – Ride In The Houseboat On Backwaters

Mauritius – All About Coral Reefs & Beaches

Bali – Honeymooner’s Paradise

Teton County – Soothe Your Eyes With Greenery

Amalfi Coast – Coastal Peaks Against Pastel Buildings

Hoi An – A Place Out Of Dream World

Seychelles – Watch Sunset On Shimmery Coastline

Paros – A Blend Of White & Blue

Zermatt – Hike To The Swiss Alps

Andaman Islands – Witness Paradise On Earth

Tel Aviv – The City That Never Sleeps

Lima – Peru’s Wonderland

Tahiti – A Sweeter Place

Maafushi Island – Can’t Get Enough Of It 

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